Haroldo Jacobovicz On How Early Experiences Made Him Succeed

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a well-respected civil engineer and entrepreneur born and raised in Curitiba. His verse knowledge in information technology. He has transformed private and public companies in Brazil. Haroldo has been working with information solutions before founding Horizons Telecom. In addition, he is also the founder of the e-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter. In his position, he worked hard, […]

Andrew Frame, Founder, And CEO Of Citizen

Citizen was founded in 2017 by Andrew Frame to address the need for a different kind of digital identity. Citizen is a platform that allows users to create and verify their identities without relying on a traditional government-issued identification card. This technology is helpful for individuals who cannot obtain a government-issued ID card because of their immigration status. For example, […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz: Brazilian businessman and structural engineer

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Brazilian businessman and structural engineer, is a firm believer in the revolutionary power of computer technology. Following years of employment with information solutions, he created Horizons Telecom in 2010. Horizon Telecom is today one of Brazil’s most well-known telecommunication operators, with a 100percent fiber-optic network, cutting-edge technology, and multi-point failover for reliability. The Horizons Center opened in […]

Why Haroldo Jacobovicz is Promoting Creativity in His Business Activities

In any organization, the issue of creativity seems to be something that the majority of the business owners have been ignoring. That is why such individuals have failed to consistently prove that they have the essential aspects demanded in the business’s operations. However, Haroldo Jacobovicz has shown that various organizational owners in the market have always been paying attention to […]