Peter Vitale of Michigan on Comprehensive Car Coverage

A car is considered to be among the vital investments one can have. Typically, cars were considered to be luxury assets in the past. However, due to the changes in technology, cars are now necessities. Having a car can improve your quality of life since you have ease of commuting.

It is, therefore, wise to be keen when buying a car. One of the things one must put into consideration is car coverage. Your car insurance can protect you when you have unexpected car issues. Most people limit themselves to basic car insurance. However, imagine the peace of mind you can achieve when your car is also insured against break-ins and theft.

Peter Vitale of Michigan advises drivers to opt for comprehensive car insurance to have the best experience with their cars. In an interview, he says that despite different technologies, including car trackers that have reduced the number of car break-ins and theft, your car safety is still never guaranteed. Peter Vitale of Michigan further emphasizes that most people do not consider the comprehensive coverage option to fear having to spend more. However, this is always the best investment in the long run.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is never necessary for most states unless the car you use has outside financing such as a lease. In this case, the lender will need the coverage to avoid liabilities in case of a break-in or theft. Peter Vitale of Michigan explains that other than theft and break-ins, comprehensive car insurance covers even damages that result from natural calamities.

Vitale, however, points out that the comprehensive package you get will depend on the amount you purchased. He says that in most cases, comprehensive car insurance covers stolen cars. However, depending on the package you have, it may cover the car’s value when you purchased it or the value during the theft.