Prominent Philanthropist: Pam Baer, The Woman Behind Bay Area’s Most Significant Charity

Through her company, For Goodness Sake, Pam Baer connects people to the causes and individuals who deserve recognition. By increasing awareness of issues that impact people, Pam hopes to raise funds for organizations doing important work. For Goodness Sake looks to raise funds for organizations that serve children and families, those in need, the homeless, the elderly, and the ill. They seek to provide fundraising tools that allow people to give directly to their favorite causes and individuals.

Pamela Baer has been involved with many areas of philanthropy, from funding the redevelopment of public housing projects to supporting free health clinics to improving young kids’ health. With her boardroom background and desire to make a difference, Pam Baer will always keep a tight leash on her circle of influence. By balancing the needs of her family, friends, employees, and board with the needs of her organizations, Pam aims to create a win-win situation.

This impressive woman has used her gift of vision to focus on a mission that will ultimately benefit many. Her efforts entail creating and nurturing ideas to achieve that outcome. By keeping a tight grip on her power, she can confidently face any challenge that comes her way. Pam Baer works hard to stay grounded, grateful and blessed.

Pam Baer works with underserved populations through The Family Health Fund and Bay Area Transitional Housing. She volunteers with several nonprofit organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, and founded The Philanthropy Accelerator, a new nonprofit dedicated to providing a helping hand to small nonprofits. With her support, many of these organizations have become successful.

Her brand of philanthropy is recognized and celebrated for being innovative, which is reflected in her commitment to giving back. Pam is known for her unconventional approach to giving. Her greatest achievement thus far is to help New Story break ground and start the construction of their first rural, permanent housing community.

Pamela Baer recognizes that building a solid network is essential to her philanthropic journey. At the same time, she understands that giving becomes more meaningful when she builds authentic relationships. For example, Pam has met many doctors, law firms, foundations, and corporations as a volunteer and has forged these relationships through sincere dialogue. Pam is an avid supporter of multiple local nonprofits on a more local level.Go to this page for more information.


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