Redefining the San Diego Market: Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes has redefined the San Diego market during his role as Chairman, CEO and Owner of Hughes Marino. With over 30 years worth of experience in his field, he has successfully navigated the complicated field of representing commercial tenants and purchases negotiations. Jason Hughes’ knowledge of the industry is even more evident through his proposed, and passed, legislation. The real estate broker Dual Agency Bill was spearheaded by Hughes and his team. 


The legislation was eventually signed into law in 2014 by the then Governor of California, Governor Brown. The current legislation is hailed as furthering the protection of commercial tenants in California. Under the law aiming at transparency, real estate brokers must notify clients if they represent both tenant and owner, which could understandably cause a conflict of interest (Crunchbase).

Due to successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes’ relentless drive to protect his clients, he has received numerous awards and accolades. For example, he has been named one of the most influential people in San Diego, Most Admired CEO, and 40 Under 40 to watch by the San Diego Metro. To date, Jason Hughes has tackled a number of projects over the past 20 years. While most of his projects were accomplished alongside a highly skilled team, one team member has been the most influential for Jason, his wife Shay. Together Jason and Shay have remodeled the commercial real estate industry for decades. With their strong partnership, Jason’s determination, and the success of Hughes Marino behind him, there is no telling what Jason Hughes will achieve next.