SeaWorld Orlando Has Reviewed Laws for Guests Visiting the Park

SeaWorld Orlando has reviewed its laws for visitors visiting the park this month. As a result, the park’s management has announced that vaccinated visitors do not need to wear face masks when visiting. SeaWorld Orlando has decided to make the changes after Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney made similar changes last week.

After the U.S Center for Disease Control’s review of covid-19 regulations, SeaWorld immediately changed its regulations to allow visitors to visit the park without face-covering. However, visitors need to have taken the covid vaccine before their visit. Nevertheless, they will not have to provide proof of their vaccination to access the park.

The new regulations will not apply to visitors visiting SeaWorld in California. The park’s management has advised them to continue wearing face covers until further notice. However, they hope that the rule will also be operational in California because the city is entering the yellow tier, which is the least restrictive for covid-infected areas. The management also said that all the park’s employees would continue wearing their face masks when attending to all clients.

SeaWorld’s management prioritizes the safety of their clients and animals. Therefore, they plan to ensure all the park’s employees continue observing all the covid-19 regulations when they are around the park.

The news is good news to most visitors, especially because most events in Orlando SeaWorld happen outdoors. Touring without masks will enable all visitors to enjoy their time at the park without worrying about the discomfort caused by the face masks.

However, apart from the regulations allowing visitors not to wear face masks when visiting the Park, SeaWorld policies remain. Therefore, the park’s management advises all visitors to contact them before their visit to get the latest visitor rules. That will ensure that they comply with every rule, which will help to prevent more covid-19 infections. Read more: