The Life of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an example of how far you can get in life if you just work hard & try your best in everything you do but just how did he manage to excel in all aspects of his career? Well, it all started back in the late 60’s when Randal Nardone was growing up in a small town known as Storrs. He knew that he wanted to go into the world of finance but was not sure if he would ever be able to bring this to fruition. As a kid, he tried to get top marks so he could ensure that Randal Nardone would be able to attain his career goals. Once he had finished high school, it was time to start college but he did not know where he would go for that. After a lot of deliberation, he decided to go live the husky life & this is when he began to his stride. He did not know what he wanted to major in at first but this all changed when he was forced to take a finance class during sophomore year. He knew from that point on he wanted to manage an investment firm but was not sure how to go about it. So Randal Nardone went on to enroll in law school after he was done with his college courses & this is when he had to kick it into high gear. He knew it would be a lot of all-nighters & hard study sessions but was prepared to handle it. After he got his JD, he was able to cofound a new firm known as FIG & he has been running it well ever since. Randal Nardone went on to serve as their CEO for many years & lives in New York.

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