What you Need to Know About Neil Gerrard While Working at Dechert

Neil Gerrard acquired his education at the college of law Chester- J.D. and Manchester of polytechnic- LL.B. with honors. He was a global co-leader of the Dechert LLP seeing as from April 2011. Neil Gerrard services dealt with clerical crimes at the corporate level imposed by the United Kingdom, United states of America and European union coordinators viz. staid office fraud and department of justice and many more others. 


He has served in the serious fraud office, revenue and customs office, trade and industry office, and financial services department. Neil Gerrard has always worked diligently in all the positions that he has held in the various offices and departments, giving excellent results because of good performance. As an exemplary lawyer at Dechert, he was highly recommended as a team leader. All his colleagues highly respected him because he helped in the possible way to solve problems. He helped the other staff members and corporates with strategic planning.


He was of great help because of his bold ideas, logical thinking, and highly recommended experience by all his seniors. He gained popularity because of his skills and the tasks he completed successfully while working at Dechert. Furthermore, he has been listed as the top 100 hot lawyers among legal practitioners in the United Kingdom due to his unique skill set and extensive experience in the industry. Neil Gerrard gives advisory to companies about internal controls, regulatory compliance as well as liability.

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