Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Financial Approach that Upgrades Hawkers Sunglasses Accordingly

Hawkers began as a partnership idea of four individuals who dreamt of owning their businesses. They attempted different fronts without success, but California’s fashion eyewear turned around their fate. They used to resell sunglass brands known as Knockaround, a business that saw them create their retail store.

The company advanced over time especially when they hired Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, an investor who helped them out of their difficult situation. Alejandro Betancourt was famous for his outstanding positive vision and perfect business acumen, and so his involvement in the sunglasses company got back the fortunes on track.

Hawkers was launched in 2013 and within no time took over the market. This happened before the frames and lenses comprised the perfect eyewear lists since the accessories addressed every shopper’s criterion. The sunglasses were stylish, protective, and practical, and in 2016, their selling daily rate was 10,000 units. Therefore, Alejandro Betancourt was hired to enable the firm to manage the growing demand.

The founding partners were ambitious and committed to expanding but did not understand cash flow management. They were launching new shops, hiring employees, and manufacturing new products, all that came with higher price tags and so they earned a lot of money but it was hurriedly spent. At this point, Alejandro Betancourt was called in, and through his entrepreneurial success with O’Hara Administration; he could manage the money and business accordingly. Therefore, he began by checking the relevant metrics and made the right changes. He emphasized transparency and formidable customer service, but surprisingly found out a way to upgrade the resultant profits.

He decided to concentrate on social media and its power and so his plans worked because, in 2016, over 93% of the sales Hawkers made, approximately 70 million USD came from online platforms. The company worked with influencers for advanced marketing on different social media platforms like Facebook.

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