Bobby Kotick, The Chief Executive Officer at Activation Blizzard

Robert A Kotick popularly referred to as Bobby, is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Activation Blizzard Incorporation, an entertainment and gaming company in the media industry commonly known for Call of Duty and Candy Crush Saga. Kotick is a success story of multi-billion dollar incorporation that is a product of a campus students’ idea and establishment in 1983.

Kotick studied at the University of Michigan as an art student but dropped out to venture into software technology and got his first job at Apple. Steve Jobs noted his abilities and pushed him in the direction of the business. In 1990, Kotick and his partner Brian Kelly purchased a twenty-five percent stake of Mediagenic, which was going bankrupt. They renamed it Activation to start the journey towards being the most successful videogame company in the world.

In 2008, Kotick was part of the people who led to the merger of Activation and Vivendi to form Activation Blizzard, and he led in management as the Chief Executive Officer. Through Activation Blizzard, Kotick and his team are on a mission to transform the entertainment sector through connecting and engaging their audience. Microsoft is set on merging with Activision, a move that Kotick has welcomed, stating to his team that through their creativity and talent, Microsoft has recognized that and is willing to provide a greater learning and development opportunity.

Robert Kotick’s mother explains that since Kotick was a toddler, he has always known his way with money and making profits. While he was your everyday teenager making some coins, he managed to save all the money he made. His entrepreneurship side has never left as in 2018, and he was ranked as the 45th most overpaid CEO in the U.S.A. His net worth of 206 was estimated to be 7 billion dollars, a sum which is much higher in the face of his achievements with Activation Blizzard and its ongoing talks and expected merger with Microsoft. Refer to this page for additional information.