Haroldo Jacobovicz On How Early Experiences Made Him Succeed

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a well-respected civil engineer and entrepreneur born and raised in Curitiba. His verse knowledge in information technology. He has transformed private and public companies in Brazil. Haroldo has been working with information solutions before founding Horizons Telecom. In addition, he is also the founder of the e-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter. In his position, he worked hard, intending to bring technical expertise, strategic resources, and human talent to solve technological issues affecting businesses.

Haroldo attended the Federal University of Paraná for four and a half years studying civil engineering. His mother, a civil engineer, inspired him to be a civil engineer and made him interested in engineering. The hands-on experience that she used to take him with her when he was a young boy. He watched his parents create physical structures from nothing to something valuable. It made him understand the significance of what engineers do. He saw that they turn ideas into reality and something that greatly benefits the people and society.

His curiosity surpassed being curious about technology and knowledge that he acquired through reading newspapers, magazines and books. Haroldo Jacobovicz understood that the world wouldn’t function correctly without good information on transformative innovations. The information helped him understand how much power the information has over a person.

His knowledge made him understand the future of technology. He knew that the only thing that would be constant in this world was change. He wanted to understand how changes affect businesses and people. The top-notch entrepreneur notes that luck, hard work, and talent are the three factors that make a successful person. There is no doubt that Haroldo Jacobovicz is hardworking and talented. He had the energy and dedication to become successful at what he does. Haroldo always relied on his team for anything and everything. He strongly believes that leadership isn’t about being hands-on or doing all things alone, but it is important to be a leader who inspires and participates in decision-making.