How Has Pam Baer Improved The Community-Livelihood In San Francisco Bay Area?

Pam Baer is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs who has invested in philanthropy in San Francisco, particularly in the Bay Area. Mrs. Baer’s passion for philanthropy began when she was still a young lady but accelerated when her son’s health was restored at the San Francisco General Hospital after a fatal accident. Mrs. Baer was inspired by her son’s lifecare services at the hospital and decided to become a member of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF).

Pam Baer was made a lifetime director at the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in 2018 and still works closely with the organization today. Before being made a lifetime director of SFGHF, Mrs. Baer served on the board of directors and has recently donated more than 250 million dollars to support the organization. Mrs. Baer is also known for her involvement in multiple charitable organizations in San Francisco including, Every Mother Counts, Nest, For Goodness Sake, etc.

Pamela Baer is mainly known for engaging people in supporting community-based organizations through several fundraising initiatives. For instance, Mrs. Baer has worked for hand in hand with people in the community to support the Hearts Project in San Francisco, which supports local artists by showcasing their work to the public. Some of the sculptures created by the Bay Area artists are then auctioned off to raise funds for SFGHF projects.

As an art lover, Pamela Baer has traveled through Zoom to witness some breathtaking art installations throughout the world despite the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. According to Mrs. Baer, art gives her an inspiration and appreciation buzz that allows her to relate to any situation. Through her inspiring philanthropic activities, such as establishing For Goodness Sake, Mrs. Baer has supported the health and educational sectors in San Francisco. See related link to learn more.

Since For Goodness Sake was established four years ago by Mrs. Baer, it has managed to raise more than 1 million dollars to support local artists and other non-profits organizations within San Francisco Bay Area.


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