Joseph Ashford: The One-Man Army Behind K4 Global

Joseph Ashford efforts have resulted in impressive growth over the course of K4 Global’s five years in business. It provides services that help companies with digital, data and technology strategy; to formulate and execute long-term business and growth plans; to create innovative ideas that have the potential to change the game; and to identify the various aspects of the business that can be enhanced through innovation. The firm’s services are divided into three main areas of focus: leadership and talent solutions; IT, data and technology; and media, advertising, and communications. The firm’s data, IT and technology teams serve as “tech-knowledge partners” to help its clients solve problems, identify opportunities and be successful in the digital age. One of the most remarkable ways the business has helped clients has come from the changing landscape of what the business industry means in the modern world. Today, business relationships are being formed by a number of different means, but most notably are through the growth of online communities and more

Joseph Ashford: There are a number of benefits that K4 Global London offers, including a network of more than 2,200 employees that can assist a client at any time. Besides, it has agreements in place with hundreds of hotels that can offer assistance with events or special arrangements, thus allowing clients to reach a broader audience for their events. For example, K4 has created special events to coincide with major events.


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Joseph Ashford’s career began in engineering. Following his graduation, Ashford accepted a position as an engineer at Waste Management in Phoenix, AZ. In 1993, Ashford left the company to pursue additional education. He received a Master’s in Business Administration from Arizona State University in 1995 and then returned to the company as a vice president of sales.

Joseph Ashford (London) created K4 Global because he felt there was no company that was focused on helping companies and people globally. As such, the focus of the firm is “customer first.” “Our true mission is to help our clients be better, and so we treat all the people with that same sense of compassion and equity,” Joseph Ashford said. “They are our company’s most important asset, so we’re constantly reviewing our own performance.”

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