How Miki Agrawal Managed to Rise to Entrepreneurial Success

Miki Agrawal is a renowned female entrepreneur who shares her life story to better the lives of others, especially those interested in venturing into entrepreneurship. According to Miki Agrawal, she has managed to transform culture and challenges the status quo through disruptive innovation and creativity. She has established and oversaw the growth of various firms, including WILD, THINK, and TUSHY, […]

Edgard Corona Has Built The Company Into A World Leader In Fitness Technology

Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smart Fit, which provides innovative fitness solutions. Under his leadership, Smart Fit has become one of the leading providers of fitness technology in the world. In this blog post, Edgard Corona discusses his approach to business and offers advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own companies. Entrepreneurship is all about taking […]

Rocking Tieks This summer

  You can also purchase Tieks with leathers like ostrich, python, and crocodile skin. In addition, to their array of colors, Tieks offer several different accessories, including straps and charms. There’s room for your foot to “breathe” once it swells up during long periods of standing or walking around all day on those hard concrete sidewalks. Sizing & Fit for […]

Kfir Gavrieli’s Biography

Kfir Gavrieli, the founder and CEO of Tieks, demonstrates a natural application spirit of the time and the use of resources for the greater good. Tieks, one of the leading web-only fashion brands globally, distributes a line of fashionable women’s ballet flats branded for quality, portability, and comfort. Also, Tieks is among the first brands to make an international name […]

Services Offered By NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA is an organization working to support sustainable immigration levels in the United States. The high number of immigrations has different effects on the population. There is a need for measures to be put in place to maintain the right immigration levels and avoid cases where the number can be too high and lead to issues such as unemployment. The […]


Mirabaud Group presents its Swiss and international clientele with its Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Corporate Finance services. With over 30 years of experience, The Firm offers a complete service portfolio for private and public clients. At the head of the Group, the Director of Swiss Wealth Management is assisted by the Joint Managing Directors and professionals. Asset Management At […]

Beneficial Aspects Of IM Academy

Forex Trading process requires one to be sharp and alert at all times, as the market can change quickly. The best way to do this is by using a good system that will help you make money from the markets. This means that you need to understand how the market, and this is where IM Academy swings into action. The […]

Why Haroldo Jacobovicz is Promoting Creativity in His Business Activities

In any organization, the issue of creativity seems to be something that the majority of the business owners have been ignoring. That is why such individuals have failed to consistently prove that they have the essential aspects demanded in the business’s operations. However, Haroldo Jacobovicz has shown that various organizational owners in the market have always been paying attention to […]

Frances Townsend: Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer of Activision Blizzard

Did you know that Frances Townsend played a major role in the largest counterterrorism investigation in history? As Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer of Activision Blizzard, Townsend is responsible for overseeing the company’s global legal, regulatory, and government affairs. In this article, we will take a closer look at her impressive career and […]