Robert Kraft Wants To Install A New Turf At Gillette Stadium In A Bid To Bring 2026 World Cup To the Pitch

When Robert Kraft made a successful season at Foxboro Stadium in 1994, his next move was to change how the field looked like. The aim of the changes was to lure football officials into deciding to bring the games of the season that followed to the stadium. Kraft was particularly intended in the World Cup that followed. Following what he was able to achieve back then, Robert Kraft is convinced that if he uses the same strategy, he will manage to bring the World Cup home.

After months of deliberations, Gillette Stadium officials, who include Robert Kraft wrote a letter to the FIFA World Cup officially requesting the world football governing body to host the 2026 World Cup. But even as the officials wait for a final word from FIFA officials, Robert and his team have begun to do a few changes on the field in preparation in to host the world football extravaganza.

As part of the massive plan to bring the World Cup to GS, Robert Kraft has recommended that a new turf be installed on the field. If the team will agree with his suggestion, then it would mean that the old turf will be removed. Besides, Robert has also asked the team to redo the irrigation system that has remained dormant for many years. Refer to this article for related information.

In addition, close sources to Kraft reveal that there are plans to limit the sideline seating. If this is done, then the turf will be extended for a few meters round the field. According to Robert Kraft, all that he aims at is for a least, the field to be home to six matches. Although it is not in his powers to decide which matches will be played on which field, Mr. Kraft says that he hopes that what happed in Foxboro in 1994 would happen in Gillette Stadium.


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