What to Know About Eric Paul Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky’s firm aims to improve the medical effectiveness of precision medicine by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This, to collect and process large volumes of data in order to uncover previously invisible patterns in patients’ conditions. Eric Lefkofsky, this technology-enabled approach enables clinicians to focus their limited time and resources on higher-priority patients, thereby improving care outcomes.


Lefkofsky initially got the idea for Tempus in 2011 after a personal encounter with a cancer patient. A surgeon in Illinois, reviewing his case, expressed concern with the precision of the procedure used to remove a portion of the patient’s brain. Through technology, Tempus is focused on optimizing healthcare delivery.


Eric Lefkofsky: Our technology, state of the art data, and the latest advances in AI is being applied to improve quality of care and lower costs. Tempus medical research firm technology will enable the entire healthcare industry, across providers and payers, to be able to deliver optimal care through data-driven intelligence to tailor patient care.


Eric Lefkofsky´s Personal life


Lefkofsky was born to a Jewish family in New York City. He has a brother named Jerry Lefkofsky. He has been married to Amy Green since September 29, 2008 and they have two children together.


Artificial intelligence


Tempus, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was launched in 2014 with $74 million from investors including Amazon.com co-founder Jeff Bezos and investment company Blue Horizon.


Tempus mission according to Eric Lefkofsky


Tempus aims to be a single place where the entire world’s healthcare data can be pulled together and shared, bringing new insights to address unmet healthcare needs around the world.