Yubo Helps Gen Z Users With Mental Health During COVID

The global pandemic wave – COVID-19 – had many people locked in their homes. It restricted social interaction with relatives, colleagues, and friends. The lack of interaction contributed to stress and anxiety among many people. Therefore, Yubo came through especially for Gen Z to support their mental health and wellbeing during those impromptu times.

Yubo is unique from other social apps as it eliminates the pressure of “follows” and “likes” while at the same time giving interaction space for Gen Z. Gen Z can interact in the Yubo app without having to worry about being compared to others; this in turns guards them against social media harms including the mental health problems that may arise in association with having less followers.

According to a survey compiled by McKinsey and Company, every generation in the US continues to experience some deterioration in both social and emotional wellbeing. However, the most affected generation was found to be Gen Z, with the highest rates of anxiety, depression, and distress. About 25 percent of the Gen Z respondents claimed to be distressed emotionally, which was twice as much as in the other generations. They also reported that the pandemic made it harder for them to achieve their educational goals. The APA (American Psychological Association) also analyzed the pandemic’s effects on Gen Z and concluded that the adults in this generation were faced with difficulty making life decisions during the global pandemic.

Yubo has about 60 million users; this enabled it to sponsor its own World Mental Health Day program activities. It also emphasized its support for UNICEF-sponsored initiatives that engaged young people. In addition, Yubo always urges its users to share their mental health-concerned thoughts, struggles, and breakthroughs.

Learn more about Yubo: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/yubo